Library Cabinets and Shelves

Floor to ceiling shelves are the ultimate luxury item for a book lover. It seriously organizes the books, old DVDs, CDs of your own in meaningful way. The simple act of placing the shelving can completely remake a room or a home especially free-standing shelving that is great used to divide rooms or create new walls. Floating shelves or adjustable shelving also call multi-purpose shelving systems are perfect for any room of your home to organize your life. Whatever how complicate is your design, Cabinets by ZePHYR will fulfill your dream.

Colors – Finishes

Beach Collection
Our Beach Collection offers an extensive Color Pallet with a wide variety of textures and materials including; High Gloss Polyester, Gloss and Super Matte Acrylic, PolyLac and more. Once immersed in our Beach Collection you will be transported to thoughts of a warm tropical island with a soft Zephyr breeze gently swaying the beautiful palms.
Your design is only limited by your imagination, so dream of the possibilities
Forest Collection
Our Forest Collection offers deep "Wood-Grain" Melamine material with a wide variety of warm and natural colors. The soothing collection elicits dreams of a warm lush forest, tall majestic trees, beautiful flora and the sound of a soft Zephyr breeze gently rustling the leaves.
Immerse yourself in a warm and cozy environment and dream of the possibilities

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