Entertainment Center Cabinets

Whether you love to throw big parties or just have friends over for movies or football, you will enjoy it more if you outfit your entaintaiment center with Cabinets By ZePHYR.

Our LED lighting system is a brilliantly executed display of ambient, task spotlights both inside and outside cabinets and drawers to show all your collections to your guests. Also allow you to more fully use the space.

Entertainment Center Accessories


Colors – Finishes

Beach Collection
Our Beach Collection offers an extensive Color Pallet with a wide variety of textures and materials including; High Gloss Polyester, Gloss and Super Matte Acrylic, PolyLac and more. Once immersed in our Beach Collection you will be transported to thoughts of a warm tropical island with a soft Zephyr breeze gently swaying the beautiful palms.
Your design is only limited by your imagination, so dream of the possibilities
Forest Collection
Our Forest Collection offers deep Wood-Grain Melamine material with a wide variety of warm and natural colors. The soothing collection elicits dreams of a warm lush forest, tall majestic trees, beautiful flora and the sound of a soft Zephyr breeze gently rustling the leaves.
Immerse yourself in a warm and cozy environment and dream of the possibilities

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