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We understand the thing that ties all kitchens together though is the need for organization. Whether it’s for use in drawers, cabinets, blind corners or on back splashes. We offer inspired solutions which can be customized to make every kitchen space truly yours.

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An attractive, well- organized pantry space can serve double duty as both storage and a display area. Cabinets by ZePHYR offers different pantry options and ideas for efficient kitchen storage.

  • Featuring soft close technology, the swing pull-out allows easy, unobstructed access to a tall set of storage shelves that adjust for practically any kitchen necessities.

  • Adjustable shelves allow easy storage for food products of different heights.

  • Soft open and close Pull out provides high visibility and easy to reach access from three sides, synchronized, full extension pantry runner, for perfectly smooth operation.

  • Vertical shelves are great for storing baking sheets

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