Cabinets by Zephyr creates custom closets and wardrobe cabinets to store and organize your clothing. We offer convenient, attractive accessories and elements to transform your closet into a warm and inviting space.
Forget searching in the dark at the bottom of your wardrobe and let life come to you when our functional accessories are installed in your closet. Choose between110 lbs or 154 lbs capacity drawers to hold jeans, sweaters or even heavy shoes.

Laundry Rooms

It’s time to transform your dingy and outdate laundry room into a bright and modern-day utility space. Storage is essential in any home but can be even more crucial in a laundry room. Shelved cabinets above washer and dryer unit or tall cabinets with glass fronted accents provide a perfect place to hold towels and other laundry essentials, Cabinets By ZePHYR commits a bright transformation to your project.


Colors – Finishes

Beach Collection
Our Beach Collection offers an extensive Color Pallet with a wide variety of textures and materials including; High Gloss Polyester, Gloss and Super Matte Acrylic, PolyLac and more. Once immersed in our Beach Collection you will be transported to thoughts of a warm tropical island with a soft *Zephyr* breeze gently swaying the beautiful palms.
Your design is only limited by your imagination, so dream of the possibilities*

Forest Collection
Our Forest Collection offers deep *Wood-Grain* Melamine material with a wide variety of warm and natural colors. The soothing collection elicits dreams of a warm lush forest, tall majestic trees, beautiful flora and the sound of a soft *Zephyr* breeze gently rustling the leaves.
Immerse yourself in a warm and cozy environment and dream of the possibilities*


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